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  • Three.

    Day Three, we proceeded to see the famous mechanical elephant (Nantes is the home of that giant robot girl that everyone keeps posting videos and shedding tears at the beauty of). Turns out it was closed. Either way it was a lovely sunny day and perfect for strolling around. We ended up going to the […]

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  • One.

    Day one in Nantes we visited the castle. It was very cool, surrounded by a mote and a wolf-free wolf-pit. I braved the cold and took some outfit photos as well. They were a bit rushed since people kept showing up randomly which was a bit embarassing. The photos of me are taken by Gavin. […]

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  • Friday

    On Friday I am going to France to see this man, who hopefully will not be too enganged in internet activities while I’m there. We will probably not go to a Costa, where I will order popcorn and he will order coffee. He will probably not try to sneakily steal some of my popcorn and […]