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  • The Colour Orange

    I have not worn orange for about 10 years. I’m not sure exactly why as my wardrobe is bursting with a rainbow of shades. Orange has just never been that interesting to me. As a hair colour, on the other hand, I have always been a bit obsessed (Hi red-headed friends who read this, I […]

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  • Summer Sun

    Finally, it has arrived. The summer sun. Along with it the pieces of this great season start falling into place. Warm rays activating distant freckles. A lightness in my step. Flowers stretching for life. Ice cream drops on gravel.  Cotton or Silk today? The sticky smell of sun lotion. Sand between toes. Dusty Plimsolls. Grass […]

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  • Vote Audrey..& Other Stories

    & Other Stories is my favorite store…if you couldn’t tell by the multitude of posts dedicated to this amazing brand! The thing that pulls me in is their incredibly creative and fun attitude to fashion. It’s Scandinavian minimalism with pops of bright colour, clever prints and  interesting shapes, mouth-watering beauty products and ridiculously cute lingerie. […]

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  • Spring Colours

    Like the snow in the woods melting into a network of babbling brooks, Spring pours out into my veins. Every moment in the sunlight is an opportunity for my freckles to blossom. Flowers start appearing, snowdrops at first, then crocuses, even a daring daffodil. Soon it will be time. No more hiding behind bobbled layers, […]