• Style
  • Sheer Sheerness

    Today I decided was the perfect day to try out my new creamy pale converse and my most delicate polkadotted sheer tights. The socks came in a pack with polka dot yellow, solid light pink and these stripey grey for just £1 in the sales. My hair no longer looks this wavy and nice, it […]

  • DIY
  • Get me outta here

    The other night I procrastinated by making a star cluster hair pin. I was going to make a headband but they always give me headaches. I also love hair pins and use them most days, so I changed my mind. (I wore my new topshop playsuit with mustard tights, which worked better than it sounds) […]

  • Style
  • Red and Blue

    Some more Nantes coming right up. Here is me on the nicest day (a preview of the spring weather we’ve been having here lately) in one of my favorite vintage finds. It was originally about 4 sizes too big and long, but that was easily trimmed and hemmed off. I am also wearing my new […]

  • Art
  • Polka dot it.

    New paintings, cup-a-soup in a polka dot mug and nice clothes for pointless occasions. I love my moon brooch btw, it’s my favorite. 50p at a car boot sale. Can’t wait for summer, so I can go to the huge one by my house before it shuts down for good. Haha the last photo makes […]

  • Style
  • Three.

    Day Three, we proceeded to see the famous mechanical elephant (Nantes is the home of that giant robot girl that everyone keeps posting videos and shedding tears at the beauty of). Turns out it was closed. Either way it was a lovely sunny day and perfect for strolling around. We ended up going to the […]

  • Style
  • One.

    Day one in Nantes we visited the castle. It was very cool, surrounded by a mote and a wolf-free wolf-pit. I braved the cold and took some outfit photos as well. They were a bit rushed since people kept showing up randomly which was a bit embarassing. The photos of me are taken by Gavin. […]

  • Inspiration
  • Nudes x 5

    So, nudes ey? I have loved “nude” as a colour for years now, and have a small collection of clothing in this colour. The Elle I got yesterday was packed with different shades of this “non-colour”. I thought I would do another post on how to wear one item in five different ways, so here […]