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  • Stockholm Vintage Fair 2016

    Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016

    I’ve written a guest post on my  Top 10 Tips for Vintage Shopping over at BestofYou, full of my best advice on things to think about and how to be a great vintage hunter. I can’t think of a better time to share my recent trip to vintage heaven, the Stockholm Vintagemässa 2016. Stockholm Vintage fair is […]

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  • Stockholm Vintagemässa

    vintage shoes silver cream vintage suitcase

    On the 30th of April Stockholm’s vintage fair is kicking off again. I went last year but never shared the photos (I blame having too much fun) But, this way you can know what to expect if you are planning to go!  I went with Linnéa, a fellow vintage aficionado and my Mr. Miyagi when it comes to knitting. […]

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  • Carved 1920’s Bakelite

    vintage pendant carved bakelite 1920s

    A throwback to February for a simple outfit where this true vintage treasure is the star! This turn of the century pendant is made from some of the first plastic, bakelite. It’s highly collectable, funny considering how most people feel about plastic these days! This is truly one of my most precious pieces of jewellery. […]

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  • The Fashion of Gustav Klimt

    emilie flöge with klimt painting

    Gustav Klimt is an artist who’s work has always been very inspirational to me. The patterns, textures and graphic shapes in the paintings perfectly accompany his soft portraits. You can imagine my delight in discovering that the clothing that played such an part of his paintings actually existed! I’ll give you a quick re cap of the story […]

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  • Spring Thrift Haul

    Where I live there is an beloved second hand store that has been my favourite since I discovered  clutch bags and dangling necklaces there ten years ago. It was where I found my love for searching or treasures through piles of other people’s old belongings. Unfortunately thrifting for vintage and second hand items has become […]

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  • Spring Denim

    Spring is here and I have the jeans to prove it! I have rummaged around various thrift stores searching for the perfect light denim to wear with plimsols, loose tees and freckles in the warmer weather. All I seem to find has either been of the mom-jeans variety (which I have been known to rock […]

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  • Birthday Bouquet

    It was my mother’s birthday this weekend, so after obligatory cake breakfast, we headed out to a gorgeous garden center called Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal to get some flowers for the garden. They had a pick-your-own garden, for both vegetables and for flowers. And what better excuse for picking your own bouquet than for a birthday! I […]

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  • Changes

    Since I last wrote I have made a lot of changes in my life. I have gone from life in England working in social care, living as part of a couple in a nifty little house with a garden, owning a care and a pretty amazing hamster to moving back to Sweden and into my […]