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  • Summer Sun

    Finally, it has arrived. The summer sun. Along with it the pieces of this great season start falling into place. Warm rays activating distant freckles. A lightness in my step. Flowers stretching for life. Ice cream drops on gravel.  Cotton or Silk today? The sticky smell of sun lotion. Sand between toes. Dusty Plimsolls. Grass […]

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  • Growth spurt

    As soon as spring sprung and the season of frost was officially over me and Gavin rushed to various plant sales and garden centers to fill our rather grey basement flat “garden”. Here are some of the plants we are carefully looking after at the moment. A tomato-less tomato plant Three strawberry plants that are […]

  • Life
  • Class of 2010

    I’ve just realized I never shared any pictures from one of the most important days of my life; my graduation! This summer I graduated from the University of Reading with a Psychology degree. It was an incredible day, which started with me stressfully moving the last bits into my new flat and cleaning the old […]

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  • Pick and Mix

    Back from our summer house, to broadband internet and an H&M on every street. If was fun being away though, and relaxing. Here are some shots from Liljeholmens candle factory where I got some silver candles and scented candles that smell like vanilla cookies. Yum! I also got lots of fun vintage finds including a […]