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  • A few days of April

    painting of blonde with green eyes

    It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve been keeping busy and travelling quite a bit. Now that it’s spring I’ve settled into ordinary life again, and hope to share some of my trips with you soon. In Stockholm the sun has been shining and I’ve been taking advantage of that to every […]

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  • 5 x Yellow Blooms

     Disa vs Easter. “Eggs? Serisly. No.”  First tussilago (coltsfoot) of the year. This is a sure sign of Spring and is even reported in local news. In my family spotting the first one is a serious competition, and this year I won with these from my trip to Umeå! Easter arrangement with ranunculus ♥ on mini chair […]

  • Inspiration
  • Spring Colours

    Like the snow in the woods melting into a network of babbling brooks, Spring pours out into my veins. Every moment in the sunlight is an opportunity for my freckles to blossom. Flowers start appearing, snowdrops at first, then crocuses, even a daring daffodil. Soon it will be time. No more hiding behind bobbled layers, […]

  • Style
  • Spring Denim

    Spring is here and I have the jeans to prove it! I have rummaged around various thrift stores searching for the perfect light denim to wear with plimsols, loose tees and freckles in the warmer weather. All I seem to find has either been of the mom-jeans variety (which I have been known to rock […]

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  • Spring has sprung!

    I’m baack! So, I’ve had a massive break from blogging, mainly due to laziness and because I have a tendency of reading other people’s blogs and become so engrossed with all their amazing creativity that I forget to use my own blog! We’ve recently moved to a suburban area, where I have my own big […]

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  • Growth spurt

    As soon as spring sprung and the season of frost was officially over me and Gavin rushed to various plant sales and garden centers to fill our rather grey basement flat “garden”. Here are some of the plants we are carefully looking after at the moment. A tomato-less tomato plant Three strawberry plants that are […]

  • Inspiration
  • Spring Colours

    Last month I bought an early birthday present for myself. It’s a perfect Miu Miu inspired tan leather bag that fits all the various things I like to lug around with me. I managed to lose my perfect gold clasped purse during my Birthday celebrations. Typical me to be so clumsy, but at least I […]

  • DIY
  • Get me outta here

    The other night I procrastinated by making a star cluster hair pin. I was going to make a headband but they always give me headaches. I also love hair pins and use them most days, so I changed my mind. (I wore my new topshop playsuit with mustard tights, which worked better than it sounds) […]