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  • Wild Mushroom Pot Stickers

    wild mushroom pot stickers

    Autumn means one thing; mushroom season, and I’ve got an exciting recipe for wild mushrooms that I want to share with you! I come from a family of foragers, so it’s not unusual that I get something crazed in my eye during this time of year. Imagine plenty of walks in the woods searching manically along […]

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  • Magical Violet Syrup Recipe

    violet syrup

    It’s the time of the year when violets start popping up. Normally disregarded as a common weed, these vibrant purple flowers are pretty incredible. Their scent is unmistakable and while it may divide people’s tastes, I’m a huge fan. Last April I discovered the abundance of violets in our garden, and set out picking in order to […]

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  • Homemade Pretzels

    table of pretzels

    Every time I go to Germany, I seek out one thing; Pretzels! I love their chewy texture and salted exterior, and they are so pleasing to the eye. I thought I would try making my own having felt cravings ever since my last visit in Summer and not going back to Berlin until Easter. My […]

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  • Christmas Recipe

    Saffron Buns with White Chocolate Filling Link to photoless recipe for printing purposes In Sweden it is traditional to bake lussekatter around early December. These are saffron buns with raisins and tend to balance on a love or hate line with most. I wasn’t a huge fan growing up, raisins’ fault. I now consume scrunched up ol’ […]

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  • Boeuf Bourguignon

    After a full day of castle-viewing, walking around, shopping and general gallivanting we needed a hearty French dinner. What better than boeuf bourguignon? Here is a general recipe, but just follow the pictures really. Brown the cubed beef Place the beef in a bowl and fry the onion in the juices until they have browned […]

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  • Korvkaka

    On a happier note: I found a recipe for sausage cake in my swedish cook book and my friend promised to eat it if i made it for his birthday. Let’s just say I didn’t follow the recipe..one bit. Recipe for Frida’s Glorious Sausage Cake one donut (preferably chocolate frosted, but other flavours acceptable) one […]