• Knitting & Yarn Haul

    I joined a knitting site called Ravelry (fridanoodle there too), mainly for finding free patterns but I am getting hooked. Raverly works like a forum where you can connect with other knitters/designers, as well as share your work and ask questions. I have been knitting a lot more in the recent months and felt like it […]

  • Art
  • Sugarcoat it

    Photos by very talented photographer Emily Blincoe. See her website here and follow her on instagram @thuglifeforevs I’ve been sick and stuck at home for too many days so this is my life at the moment; various sugarcoated and colorful substances. Sugar cures all evils, there is evidence for that in that science that one person did that one […]

  • Life
  • Stockholm in Grey

    Last weekend my parents and I took a trip into Stockholm for some aimless wandering and “fika” at the top of Kulturhuset for a birdseye view of the city centre. Seeing as the weather has gotten a bit more autumnal, but feeling not quite ready for dreary fall colours, I pulled out this pastel Minna […]

  • Life
  • Snowy

    With all the snow the UK has had lately i had to share a few instagram snaps from around where I live. It’s so atmospheric when eveything is covered in a frosty white sheet! (Also, a snowcat by me and my 4 year old nephew when I was back home in Sweden.)