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  • Back in Town

    I’m back from the best week ever! Paris was amazing, all the cherry trees were blossoming and I got lots of cool vintage pieces to add to my overfull closet. The best part was spending an entire week with just Gavin, getting the quality time we need after a year of him teaching abroad. Tomorrow […]

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  • Colours

    On monday I am going to Paris to meet up with Gavin for a wonderful, hopefully sunny, week. The last time I saw him was 6 weeks ago when he arrived with all these wonderful macaroons, the best in Nantes! They are so pretty, I like the white vanilla one with the poppy seeds on […]

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  • Shelebrities

    I promised the picture that excites me still, it’s Keith Murray with Gavin and I! We spotted him before the We are Scientists gig standing as a lone figure over his iphone and mustered up the courage to ask for a picture. He said he could take it since he had such long arms. They […]

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  • Londontown

    Yesterday the wonderful Gavin swept me away to London for a small We are Scientists gig followed by a 5 star hotel in Chelsea. Needless to say it was all epic. The pillows in that bed were huge and the best I have ever slept on. There were also two tv’s, wall to wall, incase […]

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  • Sushi Sushi Sushi

    One evening we finally ordered sushi that we had been lusting for that entire week. Gavin nervously dialed and perfectly delivered the French order. Somehow he was still suprised that it arrived when it did! It was delicious though, my favorites were the salmon rolls. I love the seaweed! Growing up in China you could […]

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  • Polka dot it.

    New paintings, cup-a-soup in a polka dot mug and nice clothes for pointless occasions. I love my moon brooch btw, it’s my favorite. 50p at a car boot sale. Can’t wait for summer, so I can go to the huge one by my house before it shuts down for good. Haha the last photo makes […]

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  • Four.

    Doves in a tree, a garden, and a boyfriend next to a tree nearly as tall and lanky as himself. I liked that day. Much nicer and calmer than today. We sat on a bench and kissed for a bit. Just sat there and watched everything breathe. I noted that the branches on the tree […]

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  • Three.

    Day Three, we proceeded to see the famous mechanical elephant (Nantes is the home of that giant robot girl that everyone keeps posting videos and shedding tears at the beauty of). Turns out it was closed. Either way it was a lovely sunny day and perfect for strolling around. We ended up going to the […]