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  • Artist – Sarah Benning

    sarah k benning embroidery

    I am in love with the work of Sarah Benning. She is a fiber artist living in Spain, who produces bright and cheery house loop embroidery mainly featuring the humble house plants. I would happily have one of these in my bookshelf, or a few in a cluster on the wall like Sarah herself has!  Normally I […]

  • Life
  • Stationery + Washi Tape

    Who doesn’t love washi tape? No seriously now, fess up, there is treatment available in your nearest stationery store! Ranging from delicious pastel shades to crazy neons and metallics, plain or delightfully patterned, this is Japanese stationery at its finest. The word washi originates from “wa” meaning Japanese and “shi” meaning paper. I remember first seeing […]

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  • A process

    You may recall a sketch I posted a while back. Well, late last night I finlly completed this painting which I am really proud of. I am submitting it to an creative arts anthology for our University so I put alot of effort into it. I thought I would show the process of this piece. […]

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  • You, miu miu

    You, miu miu, originally uploaded by balloons and bowties. Stayed up late to complete the painting last night. It was worth it, turned out better than I expected. Doesn’t look exactly like Mikaela Söderström, but artistic priviliges (and lack of technical skill but shhh) means I can interpret it anyway I want! I’m thinking of […]