I am a true sucker for Halloween and have been longing for the chance to dress up. It was two years ago that I reached peak-crafting capacity with my Up house (check it out, if only to chuckle at my bottle-blonde hair).  We didn’t get the opportunity to dress up last year, but frankly I needed the break to ease the pressure. There is just no way I could beat dressing as an actual floating house.

This year, I wanted to do a couple costume because a) thinking of two costumes is twice as hard and b) it’s annoyingly cute. We decided to do something “easy”, meaning we had a basic idea to work from (bees) and I could make mine more over the top (which I always do). We didn’t get the best photos of them because we were heading to the party when they were done, but hey that’s life!

This guy can pull off facial stripes! For the Queen bee make up I applied a soft gradient of yellow face paint and “contoured” with some dark brown under the cheekbones and upwards from the corners of the eyes towards the temples.I then drew on stripes and added the widows-peak (inspired by Disney villains) and a pop of golden highlighter to the top of my cheekbones. For the rest of my make up I went for golden lids with brown shading in the crease and some over the top eyeliner. I settled for a neutral lip to put the focus on the eyes.



bee-costumes-15Pretty pleased with the beehive hair (with a twist). I added some of my bee pins for that extra touch. We started our Halloween weekend off with pre-drinks with some friends. They were going to a different party so it was great to split the night and see them too. 
bee-costumes-18Although I could live without having this image forever burned into my retinas. bee-costumes-19As could Greg…luckily we got over the initial horror after some gin.
bee-costumes-21Next up was the official party, out in the ‘burbs. There was a delightful table of snacks, which should be a requirement at all parties. The light was a bit poor so I didn’t capture the epic bloody-shards-of-glass cupcakes which were delicious.bee-costumes-22 This was one of our lovely hosts, the true Queen of Halloween.bee-costumes-23She was dressed as Greg’s nightmare, a living doll. 
bee-costumes-25We also had a Phantom Menace and fiesty Catwoman.bee-costumes-26Brains were obviously on the menu, as were discussions on the pretty controversial latest season of The Walking Dead.
bee-costumes-29Photos were taken, and who are we to decline a good Kodak moment? 
bee-costumes-31Gin was had, I repeat, gin was had. I seem blissfully unaware that I am about the be skewered in the photo below. The second photo is a bit blurry but gives a look at my beehive! It was two-layered, with a twist.

bee-costumes-39The business bee and hopeless queen in action. 
bee-costumes-43 bee-costumes-44 bee-costumes-45 bee-costumes-46There was also a zombie cake, which was epic. Also, Linnea iced this design post-rum. Colour me impressed.

Now we’re in November, Stockholm is mysteriously snowy and I have yet to figure out how to get wear out of a beehive skirt in my everyday life. I have not been blogging for a while, but I never stop taking photos, so there are plenty of fun adventures I want to share with you in the coming weeks! Keep an eye out for a post all about inktober, my latest yarn-related projects, vintage haul and much more..

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Until next time!

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