Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

me and earl and the dying girl

Greg and I watched Me and Earl and the Dying Girl a few months ago. I recommended it before in one of my film club posts and I just had to put it out there again. This film is such a great combo;  it has the quirkyness that Wes Anderson fans will enjoy, teenage angst suitable for any lover of a high school settings, and the deep emotional connection of a great drama. We both really enjoyed it and I won’t reveal the ending but I did have a little cry during the film, as well as some great laughs. It’s one of those films that gets you talking, me and Greg were babbling on about it for ages after, discussing the general theme and how it was handled (cancer is obviously a dark topic for a comedy) and also the great attention to detail in the movie.

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For a quick run down, the film is about outcast by choice Greg, who makes spoof films (think Rosemary’s Baby Carrots and A Sockwork Orange) with his “colleague” Earl. He lives on going with the flow, never having to make connections or really make close friends. His mom then throws him into the life a girl in his class, Rachel, who has just been diagnosed with leukaemia. He is forced to hang out with her, but in doing so develops a proper meaningful connection. There are the pitfalls to befriending a cancer-sufferer though, Greg often puts his foot in his mouth.  A fantastic scene is in Rachel’s room, when Greg is giving Rachel advice on what to say when people ask her about her cancer. He recommends that she plays dead then dramatically swings his head back and plays dead in his chair. He is then told off by Wolverine who is on a poster on Rachel’s wall, about how much of an idiot he is telling someone with cancer to play dead. It’s hilarious and really sets the tone for their friendship to come. His laid back attitude to life seems to work well with Rachel who is surrounded by other people’s concern.

(Also, Olivia is adorable and pulls of some sweet Valentino)


Have you seen Me and Earl and the Dying Girl?

Let me know what you thought, and if you have any other movie tips for me.

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