Magical Violet Syrup Recipe

violet syrup

violets in basket

It’s the time of the year when violets start popping up. Normally disregarded as a common weed, these vibrant purple flowers are pretty incredible. Their scent is unmistakable and while it may divide people’s tastes, I’m a huge fan. Last April I discovered the abundance of violets in our garden, and set out picking in order to make something extra special; violet syrup! I researched a few recipes and found advice from Apothecary’s garden and Use Real Butter to be really useful. I’ve made my own version below.

violet syrup

Magical Violet Syrup

You will need

  • About 5dl of fresh violets
  • 2 dl of water
  • ca 3 dl sugar

Note: When you pick the violets, make sure you are picking clean flowers (i.e. no exposure to pesticides, not near busy roads etc.) I always smell the flowers to make sure I have the right flower. If the flower looked different in colour or had no smell I discarded it. To sterilise containers you can boil them before use. 

wild violets

Remove all the stems and leaves, leaving only the purple petals behind (Most photos are from my first attempt where I left the stems and trust me it does make a difference in the taste to remove them)

picked wild violets

Place the petals in a sterile glass jar or bowl


Boil the water and pour it over the violets, popping on a lid or cling film on straight away to create a strong seal


Take in the glorious view and leave to steep for 24 hours at room temperature

steeping violet tea steeping violet tea

The liquid should now have turned a strong bluish purple hue. You pour the liquid through a clean cloth (nylon/muslin) and squeeze out the excess, discarding the petals

violetsyrup-50 violetsyrup-52 violetsyrup-55

Pour up the liquid in a clean container and measure out an equal amount of sugar


Combine sugar and liquid in a clean pot/bowl and slowly heat over a waterbath to dissolve the sugar

making violet syrupmaking violet syrup

Turn down the heat and skim off any impurities from the top

making violet syrup

Pour into sterile containers

pouring up violet syrup

Optional: For extra fun, add a couple drops of lemon juice and watch the blue hue turn bright purple, but be careful. Too many drops will cause it to lose it’s violet colour.

violet syrup ph level colour

The liquid is highly reactive to pH-levels as violets contains anthocyanins, a type of colour pigment. If you add lemon juice, an acid, these pigments react by turning bright magenta while adding something basic (like baking soda) will turn them blue. Science bitch!

violet syrup ph level colour

Magical Violet Syrup from Frida Jonsson

I froze some extra petals in to use as food decoration, and to add a nice touch to violet themed cocktails.

frozen violet petals violetsyrup-86

Add some frozen petals, a swirl of violet syrup to some yoghurt and blueberries for a fancy breakfast!

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