Unreasonable Birthday Wishes

miu miu noir pink glitter

The month of April is precious to me, it is my birthday month (because on the inside I am turning 7 not 27 eek!) I sometimes find it hard thinking of what I want for my birthday, seeing as you tend to buy what you want and what you don’t buy is usually not purchased because it is a)shamefully expensive b)unnecessary or c)both. But it’s still fun to dream away, like when you were 7 and had no qualms asking for a pony as you had no concept of what a reasonable present is. So I decided to just for fun create some dreamy reality-free wish lists while also thinking of how I would like to be dressed this spring! All the items are logged on polyvore so just click the pictures for details.

Spring Dream Wishlist

Spring Dream by fridanoodle 

I am in love with this luminising cream from & Other Stories. Whenever I visit the store I have to go and fiddle with the tester for a bit before sniffing away at lovely lotions. It would be perfect as a highlighter as it gives a really subtle warm shimmer, with no flecks of glitter which are a no-no for anyone with visible pores.
I must confess. I have fallen hard for the new Mac retro matte liquid lipsticks. Luckily for my wallet they are always sold out. Funny enough I had snapped a different shade on my phone (“Hello Lady”) but it seemed much darker than I recalled. This raspberry shade called “Dance with Me” would definitely rock my world though.
I have been checking out cheap midi-tulle skirts on ebay for ages, the questions remains beige, grey or black? Also, when will those Miu Miu Noirs appear magically discounted in all of their sparkly delight??
Having not worn a watch for years now I feel ready to get back to knowing what the hell time it is. I am so in my own world sometimes (literally just realised I had laundry and had to dash off) so having a physical reminder to check the time may be helpful with that. I have been eyeing Marc by Marc Jacobs watches for a while, however I don’t feel ready to splurge on something like that just quite yet.
 This is all about the blush tones. I saw Fleur de Force got this gorgeous All Saints leather jacket, and while I have nowhere near her budget when it comes to shopping, I can have it in my imagination. It feels..just as good… I have obviously fallen for all the beauty bloggers banging on about these Lancome Juicy Shaker lip tints. They do look very interesting and I love a subtle tinted and moisturising lip product any day.
When it comes to knitwear, my fellow knitter and confidant Linnéa always says that once you learn to knit you get cheap when it comes to buying knitted items. Because you can make it yourself! I have been longing for a gorgeous oversized cream knitted jumper, but it’s only now I am thinking I should really be looking at patterns instead. Question is, will it be passé by the time I finish the jumper? Not that I mind, when you put that much effort into something you really do treasure it!
I have finally succomed to the pressure that is fashion. Pointy flats are back, and you know what, when they are red and have laces I am down. I think these shoes would look great with nude tones and midi lengths. If you do see a pair of this style of shoe in a reasonable price class give me a shout!
Flares, ruffles, and cobalt blue. This outfit feels classic yet a bit dramatic, and I would happily wear all of the above like, right now, k thanks bye. This wishlist is all about the unattainable from MiH Marrakesh jeans, the mini Bayswater Mulberry bag to the famous Charlotte Olympia cat flats (in velvet no less! I think there are a a lot of nice high street alternatives to this style of top and jeans though, so hope is not lost on kicking it in class this spring.
What are you longing for this Spring?

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