Sun Halo

sun halo stockholm
On my way to work the other day, the sun was shining a bit unusually. I stopped and took a few snaps, and walking along the bridge (away from the approaching bus I was going to take) I discovered there was actually a halo around the sun. I carry my DSLR around sometimes, so I have this on real camera and not just on my phone. This phenomenon happens when it is very cold and there are ice crystals in the air which create a sort of mist through which the light creates this optical illusion. The two lighter points to the side of the sun halo are called sun dogs.
The More You Know ..:::★
Fridanoodle with german start in embroidered tie shirt and fluffy angora sweater
I’ve spent a few days home the past week, sick with a cold but still keeping busy, working on my very own etsy shop. More about that to come very soon, but have a sneak peak here!
Fridanoodle embroidered tie shirt and fluffy angora sweater
Yesterday I put on a lick of red face paint, matched with an embroidered thrift find and wrapped up in fluffy angora to spend the afternoon looking at the sales. Tissues were brought and coughing was plentiful, but I still found some really interesting yet classic pieces at NoaNoa that I’ll have to show you!

Fridanoodle embroidered tie shirt and fluffy angora sweater

After that me and Greg met a couple friends for dinner and semlor. For those who don’t know semlor are the Greatest Swedish Baked Good. It’s a cardamom-flavoured bun, cut and filled with sugary almond paste and lots of cream, then topped with the lid which is covered in powdered sugar. They are only meant to be eaten on Shrove Tuesday, to fatten up before Lent. So naturally we eat them all of January through to March!

The tea centre even has a semla-flavoured tea that the girls came up with last year when I started working there. It is so, damn, good. I’ll definitely be picking up a bag for a lighter take on this cream and almond paste bun, and I will be linking to it when it arrives!

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