New Years 2016

Wrapped up warm on snowy beach Excited greg and frida
The last day of 2015 I was lapping up “sunshine” on the beach…well sort of! This guy was back in town from Berlin so there was lots to be happy about and we were in Täby staying with my parents. As normal we went for a long walk around the area I used to live in, taking in the newly white surroundings. I have the eye-sensitivity of a mole so sunglasses were definitely a necessity, and remain so during the blinding snowy season. (These are from M&S a few seasons ago and cream and in my favourite 50’s shape.)
Greg preparing duck duck ready for the oven

Greg was responsible for one of the main dishes at the New Years dinner we were going to, so the rest of the day was spent stuffing and slow roasting a duck, German-style of course.

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin
While Greg lovingly cared for the duck I took a quick trip to Systembolaget (Sweden’s alcohol monopoly) to pick up some bubbly. I love looking at the packaging of different products there, there are so many bottles you want just for the label. Gin and tonics are my poison of choice and this monkey stamp label by Monkey 47 won my heart, but it was a bit pricey, so I left with the two bottles I came for.
Buffé of food at new years eve
 We were going to a dinner party at a friend’s childhood home. We arrived a bit late to some Raspberry champagne drinks, and after some faffing around with pots and pans to heat the duck up, dinner was finally ready to be served. Everyone had contributed something and the food was great. Our dish was traditional stuffed duck with palt and red cabbage, and seeing as I did nothing but sew the duck up I can be pretty honest about how delicious it was.
Victoria with feather half-up half-down hair do
 Everyone was all dolled up, Victoria for example wore her hair half-down half-up with a cute feather pin (not done justice with this cropped shakey picture). I also went for feathers but an up-do as I was in sequins. Sequins and long hair never work together. I forgot to get a photo of my get up but I’ll photograph the “ingredients” to what I wore and show you later, because it was a nice 1920s style dress.
Greg straps on with SAS seatbelt for dinner
Greg is a huge SAS-fan and the hostess’ dad had worked for the airline, so she surprised him by allocating him a seat with a seatbelt. He was, as you can tell, thrilled. I was at the other end of the table, so unsure if the belt helped against any unstability following the champagne..
New Years Dinner 2016Madelene instagramming chocolate fudge cake dessert
 After everyone was full we prepared our secondary dessert stomachs and instagram accounts for the generous portions of chocolate fudge cake.  Madelene (above) wore an awesome dress with powerful ruffled shoulders.
Chocolate fudge cake raspberries vanilla ice cream
My portion didn’t make it to instagram but I am proud that I ate nearly all of this cake. It was incredibly rich and not everyone made it to a clean plate but I put in my best effort. After dessert we were asked to draw the person to the left of us.
Portrait of Greg and Frida
Final portraits of Greg and I, and the closest you will get to seeing my outfit that evening. I assure you I looked just as jawdropping as illustrated Greg is making it seem 😉
final portraits on table
After dessert we sat down comfortably for more games and for choosing who won the best portrait. There were some depictions which brought on endless belly laughs but it was all in good fun.
choosing the winner of portrait gameEnjoying portraits
 Åsa, the hostess with the mostess and Mikaela try to pick their favourites. After much scrutinizing we all voted for the ones that made us happiest. We then moved on to play a few games of charades before heading out to ring in the new year.
Shitty fireworks
Suddenly it was 2016, a whole new year and the sky was exploding around us. Poor attempts were taken to capture the fireworks..
Kissing on New Years
 There was kissing..
Excited while holding sparklers
 ..and sparklers..
Fireworks in the snow
 ..and an attempt to set fire to the lawn with fireworks. Standard New Years Eve.
Solbrännan Åkersberga
The night carried on until the early hours, longer for some than others. Miraculously we all managed to get up and make our reservation for brunch at a nearby coastal restaurant. I skipped the camera and focused on eating, and I am sure most people appreciated this after the late night! There were waffles, so many noms were had before our group started to branch off and head our separate ways.
fridanoodle #2015bestnine instagram collage


Of course I had to partake in the #2015bestnine and this was the result. I am so pleased that 2015 was so happy and full of colour, and hope your was too!

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