Knitter’s DIY – Turn Twisted Hank to Center-Pull Ball

Sky Turkos Ullcentrum Närbild

I’m a knitter now, and thus I declare knitting shall be featured on this blog. No, I am not planning to turn this into a haven of wool and stitch-techniques, you will still see me paint, thrift, photograph and DIY. But as it is a current obsession I do feel the need to share some of this fluffy craft. 

Ruth's Tee progress in ombre by fridanoodle
Currently I’ve been working on this ombre jumper (a long-sleeved take on Ruth’s Tee), three pairs of patterned socks, another jumper, a scarf..and a secret project or two. This is knitting. You start something, it takes a while to get going, or something goes a bit wrong, or you spot something even more glorious. “Two projects at once isn’t too bad, you get variety, it’s good practise” you find yourself thinking. But this never ends. There are always more delicious skeins of alpaca, mouth-watering colours and inspiring patterns out there. But to be honest, I’m not complaining. Always having something to choose from is a great way to prevent knitter’s block (if such a thing exists..) 

DIY – Twisted Hank to Center-Pull Ball

Ball and Hank Ullcentrum Sky Turkos Ombre yarn
I really fell hard for this ombre wool by Ullcentrum when I visited the Sewing Fair last October. When I ordered it however, I was very confused. It was in what google has informed me is called a hank. 
Uncoiled hank of ombre yarn
center-pulled balls of yarn
A hank is basically a bunch of big loops of yarn that have been twisted into a coil. To actually knit from this you need to wind it into a ball. Now before I learned the proper way of doing this, I had only ever wound up balls from skeins that keep tangling. The issue with what I was doing was I was simply winding the yarn around into a ball, but would have to knit with the end from the outside. This can be a bit unwieldy as the ball of yarn constantly has to move to unravel. What I will show you now is how to turn a hank into a centre-pulled ball of yarn. 
Creating a centre-pull ball from hank

1. Untwist the hank and untie any pieces which hold it together.

Creating a centre-pull ball from hank

2. Take a tube and thread the end through the middle. Toilet paper rolls are perfert but keep in mind some bulkier wool will need a longer tube. For reference this hank was 300 meter and 100 grams of 2ply wool.

Yarn winding toilet paper roll

3. Start wrapping the yarn around the tube, making sure to keep the end pulled through.

Yarn winding toilet paper roll

4. Once you have a solid bit of yarn on there you begin to shape the ball by wrapping the yarn across the wrapped bit, forming a cross.

Yarn winding toilet paper roll

5. Alternate between crossing the / side or the side of the X

Yarn winding toilet paper roll

6. If the loops are separating and there is risk of tangling you can thread the large loops onto a chair. You continue wrapping opposite sides but try and follow the yarn around the chair as you unravel the hank onto the ball.

Yarn winding toilet paper roll
7. You can see the ball start taking shape as you near the end of the winding. This does take about 5-10 minutes, but with something good on TV you’ll barely notice the time. 
Fastening a yarn end on ball

8. Once you have wrapped to the other end, fasten this end under a few of the top layers. This is to prevent it tangling with the other end when you knit.

Creating center-pull ball

9. Pull the first end out of the middle of the tube.

Creating center-pull ball

10. Push into the sides of the tube to loosen it from the ball.

Creating center-pull ball

11. Pull out the tube, ensuring you have your end pulled out.

center-pulled ball of yarn

12. Squidge the ball a bit to ensure the middle isn’t gaping too much, and Tada! One center-pulled ball, ready to knit from with minimal tangling.

Turqoise blue grey ombre ball yarn

There is just something magical about doing this with ombre yarn. A surprise pop of colour peeks out from the middle, delightful!

Astronauts entangled Martian scene sketch

For those who read this even though they do not knit, you are a hero, please enjoy my sketch from this tangled scene from the movie Martian ♥

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