The Colour Orange

I have not worn orange for about 10 years. I’m not sure exactly why as my wardrobe is bursting with a rainbow of shades. Orange has just never been that interesting to me. As a hair colour, on the other hand, I have always been a bit obsessed (Hi red-headed friends who read this, I love your hair in a non-creepy way). I used to paint mainly red-haired ladies and spent hours flipping through magazines searching for the most interesting red headed models to paint. Queue flashback to some art from my most productive teen-era! 
The hair, the dress, the belt
I remember this being inspired by a hair dye commercial with a red match on one page and a model bearing bright red hair in a similar shape on the opposite page. I also really wanted to create a wooden belt. Note the wooden eyebrow!
Lily Cole by Frida Jonsson
This was based on an amazing photo of Lily Cole in Vogue, and is to this day one of my favourite things I’ve painted. 
The magic bottle
The magic bottle..sensing any pattern here?
Yet more big poofy orange curls. Definitely loved the orange. 

But wait, what’s this? Orange, silky goodness, that’s what. In my wardrobe, this is a big step. I am unsure if my sudden taste for orange is just a slow acceptance of orange being used for pops of colour for years within the fashion industry. Perhaps the boyfriend’s love of the tricky shade can have something to do with it, although I’d never admit to that!
 Orange Silk Shirt Outfit Pink Marc Jacobs Ukita
I think it may be that I want to dress a bit more colourful, and frankly orange is a shade I haven’t really explored before. Once I found the right orange something just seemed to click. From never spotting anything desirable, I have managed to acquire an orange skirt, top and dress. They all share a similar brightness, and all consist of simple well-made designs. I think orange is a shade that can easily be overpowering, but by dressing it down with good neutrals and sticking to simple shapes it can be a truly eyepopping and fun colour. 

What’s your tricky shade? Do you think you will ever succumb to wearing it?

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