DIY – Electric Blue Cat Eyed Look

Barry M Gel Waterproof Eyeliner Blue
I am currently on holiday from work, reading books, doodling and irrationally knitting. Oh, and of course visiting second hand shops! The weather has finally been treating me well, and I am loving the time I get outside. I am so pleased with this year’s crop of freckles. I feel like a speckled egg! (SPF is applied rigorously though)
Freckles and blue flowers
Today I even got inspired from some bright blue flowers in our garden and decided to try some electric blue eyeliner for a change! I matched it with a vintage cut-work top in the same shade from Beyond Retro.
Blue in Hammock
I dug out this electric metallic blue gel liner by Barry M from my stash of more experimental make up from my university days. Think many, many glitter pots and crazy colours, any student of a British uni is guilty of this! I wish there were more opportunities to get made up with that over the top type of look, but these days I try to keep make up to a more natural minimum. 
Electric Blue Eyeliner on Brown Eyes
I applied the gel liner in a simple cat-eye shape, keeping it tight to the lashline. As I have dark lashes and wanted to keep the look more daytime I skipped mascara. Luckily the bright colour helped my eyes to pop, and mascara would just have broken off the contrast of the two colours.
Electric Blue Eyeliner on Brown Eyes
If you want to try this look I suggest you use the colour wheel if you want to find the “correct” colour to make your eyes pop! In general I think you should be able to use whatever colours you like, but if you are a newbie, some make up theory can help. You don’t need a gel liner specifically, you can use a highly pigmented eye shaddow with a small wettned brush to create just as strong a line. Applying a primer with help it sit all day. I will say that this Barry M shade actually kept all day, even in the sun, so it is a good cheap option for you Brits out there! 
colour wheel
My eyes are (obviously) brown and my particular shade can be classed into oranges. If you go right across the colour wheel you find the complimentary colour, but you can usually work with the two shades to the side of the middle as well. So Orange works best with Blue but also with Green and Purple. Blue eyes work great with orangey shades, like coppar. Green eyes pop best with purple shades, and also coppary tones. 
Let me know if you try this look! 

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