DIY – Cherry Blossom Nail Art

All around Stockholm pink petals slowly float towards the ground from gorgeous cherry trees. I thought I would make this DIY tutorial for cherry blossom nail art before the last blooms had fallen, so you too could enjoy the spring feeling of floral nails! 

Cherry Blossom Nail Art

You will need
  • Gouache or Acrylic Paint in Red, White, Yellow, Green and Brown
  • A nice base polish (I used Sand Tropez by Essie)
  • Fine paintbrush
  • Glass of water
  • Top coat (All in One 3-way Glaze by Essie)
Sand Tropex essie swatch

 1. Start by applying 2 thin layers of your base coat, making sure to allow it to dry properly between layers.

White and Red paintMixing red white paint

 2. Mix red and white to make a cherry blossom pink (if your red is a bit orange based add a teensy bit of blue to get that blueish pink tone)

Pink flower nail art
 3. Start by taking your fine pointed brush and create a flower shape. It can help to start by dotting the paint in the centre and then surrounding it by 5 dots, then blending in between the dots. Use water if the paint is a bit thick and difficult to manage. 

Pink flower nail art
 4. Apply a deeper shade of pink to outline the petals, basically you are drawing an astrix/star and if you choose a close enough colour you shouldn’t need to blend much. 

Pink flower nail art
 5. Continue making these flower shapes. Add some small spots, dragging them out to form a point on one end. These will be loose petals. 

cherry blossom nail art
6. Add some deeper pink to the points of the petals, cherry blossoms tend to fade towards the end of the petals so we want to create this ombre effect. 
7. Once you have a good layer of finished blooms, dab pink along the bottom of your nail. This will be the base for “out of focus” flowers. 
cherry blossom nail art
 8. Add some blooms towards the top of the nail. I decided to create some unopened buds as well by painting a cluster of drop shapes. These are much darker in colour than blossoms, so make sure to outline this tear drop/bud cluster well with a deeper pink. 
9. Add some lighter and darker details to your blossoms to deepen the art. Also carefully dot yellow paint in the centre of the open blossoms for the pistils. 
cherry blossom nail art

 10. Add some green (yellowy based) to create small leaves. You only need a few, otherwise it will start to look messy. We want to keep the pink in focus!

11. Add some watered out brown to make branches in spaces in between the blossoms. Once again, we do not want too much of this as the focus should be the blossoms!

cherry blossom nail art essie glaze
11. Apply your top coat carefully. Make sure not to drag the brush too much as this may activate the dry paint (unless you used acrylic) and smear your art work. 
cherry blossom nail art

 Voila! If you want your could paint all your nails like this, or add just a few petals or blooms to the rest. I kept the rest of my manicure plain to make this thumb a focus point and keep things simple.

cherry blossom nail art

Keep an eye out for my upcoming post on my (multiple) visits to Kungsträdgården in Stockholm to see the cherry trees! Also I’d love to see if you try this manicure yourself, tag @fridanoodle on instagram or twitter, and leave me a comment below if you have any questions. 

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