Spring Thrift Haul

Where I live there is an beloved second hand store that has been my favourite since I discovered  clutch bags and dangling necklaces there ten years ago. It was where I found my love for searching or treasures through piles of other people’s old belongings. Unfortunately thrifting for vintage and second hand items has become commonplace in Sweden so nowadays the prices are higher and people line up outside when they open. 

Personally I love visiting the sewing deparment, the perfect place to find interesting items (you may remember my previous post on how to find DIY supplies). It’s where I’ve found hand-made lacey collars, fabric and fancy ribbons for 50p, and is one of the only departments that has maintained the old pricing. I went there last weekend and thought I would share a few things I picked up!

Finds ♥️ 

These cockatiel earrings were too cute to leave behind! I can’t wait to wear them this summer while painting cute little parrotlets and other tropical pastel coloured birds. They also make me want to bring out the Fimo clay again for some sculpting.

Lots of lacey crotched and tatted (hand knotted) ribbon and doilies, for some DIY projects that hopefully will actually be completed and not just left on the “To Make” list.  A major goal for this year has been to make more things, especially working through those Pintrest ideas that are forever forgotten about once they have been pinned. Must try to remember, pinning is not creating! Such a shame that these hand-crafted things are chucked into bargain bins, considering the amount of skill and effort required to make them. These are usually not even on my radar, but my mom pitched an idea which now has me super excited..I will try to do them justice!

Tiny coppar basket/bowl for little trinkets and a lovely little brooch with a pearl. I imagine it will look cute on a collar, it reminds me of the lovely Chanel 2010 Barn collection with all the burlap, floral embroidery and sheats of wheat. I walked away from some embroidery floss, despite craving to learn, I know I won’t get round to it any time soon! 

A ball of creamy yarn for a DIY project involving finger knitting (used this to make the necklace I mentioned in my previous post) and some light grey cotton cord which I plan on using for some jewellery project. I also got the blue green fabric pictured, it’s super light-weight cotton and should work well for a summer top.
And finally, what is truly rubbish to most people; the previously mentioned bag of old stamps! I found them charming, and got an idea when I saw them, so hopefully they will come to use and not just clog up a crafting drawer…

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