Spring Denim

fridanoodle in highwaist light levis
Spring is here and I have the jeans to prove it! I have rummaged around various thrift stores searching for the perfect light denim to wear with plimsols, loose tees and freckles in the warmer weather. All I seem to find has either been of the mom-jeans variety (which I have been known to rock from time to time, so no judgement here), and really awful embellished noughties denim. But last week, while passing some time waiting for my evening commute I went searching for a bathroom in Åhlens City. The bathrooms were shut, but I happened upon these Levi’s reduced by 70% instead. Despite being too small a size I thought I’d give em a try, and magically they fit like a glove. A very tight denim glove with much too long fingers! To translate, they are a bit too long but nothing I cannot fix! 
levis red tab
Hope you forgive the shameless close up of booty

I’ve not purchased any new branded jeans after discovering Gap and Topshop’s great fitting ranges. It feels like a treat to bear the famous red tab for the same price tag as affordable highstreet jeans. The new jeans had their first outing today when I went to the local second hand shop.  I’d been dying to go; spring is such a nice time to go thrifting, but it’s only open a couple times a week for a few hours. Usually weekends are spent with the mister, but as he is in Japan this week (so. damn. jealous.) I realised I had the perfect opportunity to drop in and have a poke around. Keep an eye out for a post on my finds! 
fridanoodle in slouchy tee, vintage belt and levis
Wearing H&M tee, thrifted leather belt, Levi´s
fridanoodle in slouchy tee, vintage belt and levis
fridanoodle in highwaisted light blue levis

 On a different note buring my wrist last week was apparently just a taster of bad luck. I managed to burn myself again today, this time on a freshly boiled kettle while reaching for something in a cupboard. The stomach is slightly more awkward to keep under a running cold tap so I couldn’t avoid the burn developing. I am such a klutz some times, 2 out of 10 cats.  (clingfilm + regular application of aloe = life savers)
burned stomach
Seriously so happy I could get away with just a leather jacket today. Spring ♥ ♥ ♥ 
fridanoodle in spring outfit in mint, light denim and leather jacketfridanoodle in spring outfit in mint, light denim and leather jacket
Leather jacket, suede mint bag from Gap, Silk scarf TKMaxx, and Boots thrifted. 
vintage beaten up biker boots
Love these boots, beat up leather for life! 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too! 

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