Merry Christmas / God Jul

Seeing as I will spend Christmas Eve (when Nordics celebrate) with my family, eating and doing not much else, I’ve scheduled in this seasonal post to wish all my readers Merry Christmas!

People looks at Christmas Window Display

Stockholm’s X-mas Window Display

One of the best parts of winter is spotting Christmas window displays, and I was keen to do so during my previously mentioned early morning in Stockholm. I headed down to Nordiska Kompaniet, or NK as it is known, to see what they had on display this year. I was not disappointed, being there before the shops were open meant I had the windows mostly to myself! This lot only arrived after I had seen it all.

Elves class photo

This year the theme was Tomtenissarna meaning Santa’s elves. Each display showcased the same elves in different situations. It began with them posing for a “class photo”. This was a sweet touch considering many nurseries and schools make field trips to see the displays.

Elves on steps
Here I presume the elves are receiving all the lists of what children want for Christmas. Note the hoover elf with rubber gloves for hands! The next window was Santa’s workshop, where bits of wood where carved and painted in this big machine.

Santa's workshop NK Christmas display
doll in santas workshop
Like little dolls…
dog in santas worksho+p
..and my favorite; sausage dogs on wheels!
giant gingerbread man kitchen with elves

The next display was the one that was most visually striking in my opinion; the kitchen where gingerbread was being made! It was so well made, the gingerbread man’s eyes were sugar sprinklers that moved up and down, pouring sugar into the bowl. There was even a little elf doing the washing up.

 photo Gingerbread-man_zpsrja0zjhz.gif

washing up elf

There was even a little elf doing the washing up..
Christmas trees and elves

This window was unfortunately harder to capture due to the reflections, but it showed the selecting of the Christmas tree. There was a tiny animated car driving down a winding road. Suddenly one of the trees on the hill would move, a sawing noise was heard and next thing the car appeared on its route to return home with a nice tree!

tiny house
Can you see the tiny van entering the garage with a teensy Christmas tree?
dolls house for elves
NK tomtenissar sleeping
The final scene was all the elves finally getting some rest after a busy day sorting out Christmas for the rest of us! This was my favorite, as each elf’s personality was once again highlighted in their personalised rooms. I like how the glowing elf has a glowing teddy bear. The strong elf was actually lifting the bunk beds up and down in his sleep. Just look at all the miniature cleaning products, and the washing machines. I mean, tiny knitted socks. Come ON, that’s just friggin’ adorable!
tiny laundry items
sugar elf
This sweet-toothed elf would be me. Her bed is a cake/pie covered in a sweet syrupy blanket, plus there is a decent stash of candy in every corner. Did I mentioned I once made my own superhero Candy Girl complete with actual candy as part of the costume? Good times. 
children looking at Christmas window display
NK Christmas window display 2014
I was competing to see everything alone before these groups of children arrived, as they obviously have first priority at the windows. I did get some questioning looks by the adults accompanying the classes, probably as I was nearly as drawn in as the children. If not more…
I hope you enjoyed peeping at this display, and that all you lovely readers who take the time to support my blog have a wonderful Christmas!

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