H&M x Elle 2014

Drottninggatan med belysning
As part of their promotion for the Swedish Elle gala, a major end of year fashion event, Elle Magazine Sweden host a shopping breakfast in collaboration with H&M. They also invite make up artists from Loréal to give a run down of some New Year’s Eve looks, and the fashion editor of Elle gives some tips on what trends to expect from the coming year. This year’s menu included champagne alongside free breakfast provided by Espresso House, so I was happy they received my RSVP on time! 
Castelnau champange hälls up
The champagne was provided by Castelnau and added to the tingly feeling of going to an exclusive event, even if I did have to get up at an ungodly hour to get the re on time. But I really can’t complain; it’s not the worst way to start one´s day, that’s for sure. I am a bit undecided on how much I should promote having bubbly before the sun is up…H&M Vår Mode 2014
H&M Stockholms julskyltning
I went last year with my mother and as H&M offer a 20% discount we got some pretty nice treats, including my first ever cashmere cardigan. I am so pleased I went for something of quality at a higher price point than lots of cheaper items. I would use it everyday if I weren’t certain that cashmere was not created to withstand abusive levels of wear. This year I didn’t actually spend much. I had a bonus check to use (in Sweden you collect points at H&M, something I was annoyed they did not do in the UK) and wasn’t really after anything in particular, although I was tempted by this fun digitally printed pencil skirt. In the end I purchased a basic jersey dress which has already become a staple in my winter wardrobe, and a lightly textured origami fold skirt. I also helped pick out a Christmas present for myself which I definitely have absolutely no recollection of… (Cannot waaaaait to finally open that present)
H&M gem skirtFridanoodle with champange
Champagne in changing rooms is dangerous business. Luckily we were two and could counteract any tipsy shopping decisions! This gem skirt nearly came home with me; it’s quite the stand-out piece. I was wearing a light orange angora jumper paired with a tiny-collared shirt by Sand; both second hand and paired with Gap jeans. 
H&M Stockholms julskyltning
H&M Stockholms julskyltning
When we finished I wandered around Stockholm for hours, taking photos of the other Christmas lighting and decorations. I’ll share that with you soon I promise, some of it was really magical!

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