If you go out in the woods today..

This fall I spent an excessive amount of my precious time running around like a loon in the woods. I could lie and say this was because I am training for some charity marathon, or am just that motivated to get fit, but the actual reason was that it was a ridiculously good mushroom season. Having something to search for whilst running was a big motivator to keep going. Either that or the zombies that chase me in my headphones..(Zombies, Run! is a very good app if you want to start running) I’m not going to brag about how many kilos I picked of golden chantarelles, winter mushrooms and horns of plenty. Mainly because I actually didn’t pick that much beacause I was too distracted photographing all the interesting and colourful mushrooms I could find. I started creating a little post with these photos but quickly realised that those kind of pictures belong on a different type of blog. Plus it’s November, so mushrooms aren’t even that in season anymore. Instead I got inspired and made the collage and pun you see above. Get it? Get it? Cus fall IS a seas…oh forget it. 
I took these and the mushroom photos on one particularly warm day in the woods when I was picking lingonberries. It was September and I did have running tights on while I was out, but only because of the mosquitos. And now it’s winter again, and sometimes your face hurts when you walk outside. But I shouldn’t complain, it has been a very mild November in Stockholm.
stripey long sleeved shirt by the Gap (Probably the store I miss the most from England) 
denim dungaree dress from Primark (Definitely the store I miss the least from England) 

jumpsuit and tea
What I’m really wearing
Denim (lyocell) jumpsuit from H&M Conscious collection, drinking peppermint tea and eating Cadbury’s white chocolate fingers. Living the dream people, living the dream. 

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