Rifle Paper Co.

rifle paper co. inside notebook

Living near Stockholm means living in constant temptation of beautiful things. Some of those things are notebooks. And many of those are by Rifle Paper Co., a company that produce gorgeous stationary, calenders and art prints. Sometimes things are just too readily available; I always find myself drifting towards their section in various design stores only to have to sternly remind myself that I am just browsing. It’s agony knowing you have no excuse to buy another notebook that is too cute to actually make good use of!

Rifle paper co. floral notebook

I have been a huge fan of their floral designs for a long time, but to be honest all of the artwork that comes out of Rifle Paper Co. is top notch. They are currently teamed up with Garance Doré and have made some really amazing products with her illustrations. This desk calender would make a great Christmas gift idea for your favorite dolled up office pal. I have personally fallen for their  honey bee wall calender which features simple graphics in gold as well as their floral illustrations. 
rifle paper co. garance doré beauté calenderrifle paper co. garance doré beauté calender
rifle paper co. honey bee calenderrifle paper co. honey bee calenderrifle paper co. honey bee calenderrifle paper co. honey bee calender

It is just a matter of time before I give in and add this travel themed notebook set to my collection. (Rifle Paper Co. even have a Swedish site now. How am I meant to avoid that? The internet is everywhere people! ) It’s the cutest little set with a passport cover (I melt) and a pastel pink cover with illustrated landmarks from around the world. Perfect for any jet setter! I did just book an exciting trip for New Years, so perhaps I should prematurely add “Stop buying notebooks you don’t use, you wonderful fool” on my resolutions list. A list which I could write in a glorious new notebook perhaps…? 
rifle paper co. travel notebook set
rifle paper co. congrats greeting cardrifle paper co. je t'aime greeting card

If I got cards this cute in the mail I would be the most dedicated pen pal ever! Now, I could easily continue posting picture after picture of their awesome paper products, but I won’t ruin the fun of actually visiting their website and discovering things yourself! Visit their  US or Swedish site and follow Anna Bond’s (creator and CEO of Rifle Paper Co.) Instagram for fun sneak peeks at their work. 

Just to clarify I have no affiliation with Rifle Paper Co., but I had to share as I clearly have a major illustrator/designer/girl crush on Anna and her company.

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