Koons at Moderna

jeff koons red balloon dog
So, following up on the last post, some of the art we went to view at Moderna Museet. I have been dying to see a Jeff Koons balloon dog sculpture and it definitely lived up to expectations! I was mesmeried and even went back to have a second look, and to get some better photos, as firstly I only had my brother’s phone to work with (thus the picture quality above) 
Moderna Museet hall Carsten Höller Mushroom sculptures
Carsten Höller cross-section mushroom
Carsten Höller cross-section mushroomCarsten Höller cross-section mushroom
In the hallway there were these cross-sections of mushrooms made by Carsten Höller. I always loved the diagrams in biology text books and seeing the delicate details of mushrooms blown up in this way was very interesting. Being from an family of avid forragers I instantly fell for these sculptures! I have way too many pictures of various mushrooms on my phone from running around in the woods all summer..In my defense it has been a great year for pickers, and for finding a great variety of species! 
 Yves Klein Relief éponge  Bleu RE17
Tom Gormley Brooklyn MuseumTom Gormley Brooklyn Museum
poster people collage
1. Yves Klein (Relief éponge / Bleu RE17), 2. & 3.Tom Gormley (Some more Beginnings: Experiments in Art and Technology, Brooklyn Museum), 4. Missed Info
black white painting
Man Ray View of Artist's studio
1. Missed Info 2. Man Ray (A View of the Artist’s Studio)
Black white abstract art dress
digital detail woven art
detail of digital woven art
Black white abstract art dress
This piece was jawdropping, definitely one of my favorites that they had on display when we were there. It was a huge digitally woven piece featuring sculptures covered in shards of mirrors, surrounded by more mirrors. Insanely detailed and interesting! An a perfect backdrop for this abstract printed dress that I got during my last visit to England. I paired it with bright red lips and some faux art-world confidence. I stupidly missed taking a photo of the artist and title as the family had gotten a bit satiated with modern art, but if you know who made this please comment! 

Katharina Frisch Woman with Dogjeff koons red balloon dog

1. Katharina Frisch (Woman with Dog) 2. Jeff Koons (Balloon Dog)
No doubt the star of the entire show was Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog, which is just mesmerising in real life. There was some real interesting pieces in the Sculpture after Sculpture exhibition (Jeff Koons, Katharina Frisch and Charles Ray), but this took the cake. The entire thing is made in polished stainless steel coated in colour. I found myself just staring at the thing, trying to make sense of it, how it can be so flawless. It genuinely looks like he has blown a massive metallic balloon and shaped it into a dog. To do that with a balloon is  already witchcraft, so to create this, at this scale, out of metal, is beyond my mental capacity.    
Just look at my little mind being blown!  

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