Quick feminist update

I am having a busy couple weeks so this is just a quick update. I finally had an excuse to go into town and collect my 5-inist t-shirt that I ordered last month. I am very pleased, and hope the print lasts a long time. I am wearing it to get a bit of a confidence boost for a meeting over a webdesign project I’ve taken on. Get your t-shirt here(Excuse the mobile phone pictures)
girl wearing 5-inist feminist t-shirtgirl wearing 5-inist feminist t-shirt
As a young female taking freelance work I have to face feelings of vulnerability meeting with potential male clients, which is an unfortunate but natural reaction in today’s world. How is it ok for anyone in a professional relationship to have to consider anything but the task at hand? To have to worry about their safety when arranging meetings. For them to be told to “be careful” and to have to give updates to friends and family about their safety. For one person to have to identify as a potential victim based on the gender of their client. Because that is how the world is. I am vulnerable, exponentially more so because of my gender, my age and my appearance. And until this role of potential victim is no longer forced upon certain groups of people I will be a feminist. The patriarchy benefits no one. Not even those at the top. 
I have to include the widely spread video of Emma Watson’s UN speech and the launch of HeforShe last month, as it just hits the nail on the spot about how feminism is for everyone, not just the stereotyped disgruntled women. 

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