The pastel haired fairy

Pastel haired fairy with flowers in her hair sitting among ferns
A few months back when the sun was shining and my feet were constantly black from going barefoot, I turned into a pastel haired fairy. Over the summer my hair was dip-dyed various shades of pink and lavender and the phases of washing colours out had brought on some interesting shades. This particular day I was about to have a shower, so I took out my plaits and brushed my hair, something I try to do before I jump in. Long hair in tangles plus water is a nightmare that few conditioners can tackle! To my bewilderment I discovered my hair had turned a blue-grey colour. The plaits had added to the oddity, causing it to hang in poofy clouds of steely waves. The normal reaction to this is probably to either freak out and re-dye hair or to shower and go about one’s day. I on the other hand immediatley began playing around with make up, lept into the closest colour-matched dress I could find and got my camera out for a impromptu photoshoot. 
(Oh and don’t worry I didn’t forget the shower, just saved it for after the photos. Let’s just say there was a lot of random stuff to wash out afterwards, like pine needles, twigs and flowers!)
Pastel haired fairy peeking out behind a tree trunk
Pastel haired fairy with hat of ferns and wild flowers sitting amongst ferns
For the make up I tried my hand at some straight eyebrows, which is my major eyebrow obsession these days. Lana del Rey, Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman all have this interesting brow shape, natural or not, and I find it to be suprisingly expressive. For the make up I stuck to cool matt browns and pinky-purples, to keep things a bit earthy.
Pastel haired fairy with straight eyebrows and crown of wild flowers
Pastel haired fairy
Even though these were taken in july I figured, it’s almost Halloween! So my budget costume tip for this year is to dress up as a creepy nature fairy. Just find whatever is still growing in your garden, wrap it around your head and enjoy! Having hair that is wildly discolored can help, just follow these easy steps

1. Bleach hair to be dyed
2. Dye bleached hair pastel-purple or blue (mix dye with conditioner or get pastel dye)
3. Apply shower/swim/sun exposure to desired effect.
4. Good luck getting rid of that pesky purple-dye, you sucker, because it is going to be hidden away in your hair for all of eternity. My ends still shift a bit purple/grey!
Purple pastel haired fairy rises from surrounding greenery
Pastel haired fairy stares off to distance through shaddow play of fern leaves

Background story: I’m glad I had these huge fern leaves around, they came very in handy when my neighbours decided to appear right near where I was shooting. I hid, seeing as I was not displaying the most normal behaviour or look. They then stayed to wash their car so I sheepishly snuck back in the house, passing a couple bemused family members and a perplexed cat. Ah the life of an oddball blogger. 

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