Etsy day dream

embroidered matisse motif two piece
I love going on etsy and browsing people’s favorite lists. It’s a gold mine of handmade jewellery, cat paraphanelia, cacti brooches and ridiculously good art. This girl gets some serious art-crushes every other picture! I spotted this wonderous two piece by seller Chicoriental featuring mattise motif embroidery. I mean, seriously, look at it! Personally I would pair the shorts with a plain white t-shirt to dress it down a bit but it will have to remain a dream, just like the thought of having bare legs in September.  
embroidered shorts with matisse motif
Why is it that everything that I feel my soul needs to reach new sparklier heights is always much too expensive? I guess my soul has weird, expensive taste. Also, where are all the magical places that one is meant to wear things like this to? Will someone please take me to them, and get the matching dress in red? We can be each other’s style wingwomen! Apply below. 

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