Stockholm in Grey

outfit pink jumper grey jeans
Last weekend my parents and I took a trip into Stockholm for some aimless wandering and “fika” at the top of Kulturhuset for a birdseye view of the city centre. Seeing as the weather has gotten a bit more autumnal, but feeling not quite ready for dreary fall colours, I pulled out this pastel Minna jumper from GinaTricot. I paired it with light grey trousers and recently thrifted biker boots. I just love the combination of pink, grey and black!
sergelstorg birds eye
Sergelstorg is never still
pink jumper
Necklace is a heavy irridescent white chain
Birdseye of Man with Dauchshund
My dream dog, a long haired dachshund. Never fails to make me squeal!
kärlek och uppror
 I actually wore these boots to an outdoor cinema event..and then came the torrential rain. I had about a cup of water in each shoe when we made it back to my friend’s house to dry off in front of Netflix. Somehow they made it through, as did my phone after 48 hours of hardcore drying. I feared the true death after the screen started flickering, but luckily it has returned to life and I am free to instagram away!
Pink jumper grey jeans and biker boots
dead moth
A beautiful but very dead moth
grey scale instagram
Almost time to retire these summery platform plimsolls :(

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