Stationery + Washi Tape

Who doesn’t love washi tape? No seriously now, fess up, there is treatment available in your nearest stationery store! Ranging from delicious pastel shades to crazy neons and metallics, plain or delightfully patterned, this is Japanese stationery at its finest. The word washi originates from “wa” meaning Japanese and “shi” meaning paper. I remember first seeing it a few years back on a blog and thinking it was silly to get tape that was made of paper. Man was I mistaken!I picked up my first pack at Moderna Museet in Stockholm out of curiousity and was instantly converted. 

cat tape dispenser
Cat tape and all washi tape from pikwahchan on etsy. 

Recently I discovered that etsy has an amazing supply of gorgeous washi tape. Of course they do, etsy have everything that is cute that I didn’t know I wanted or needed. I placed a order for 10 rolls from pikwahchan and I’ll be damned, they even sold the tapeholder that I have been hunting ever since Carrie of WishWishWish did her desk post a while back. It arrived yesterday and Disa was quick to inspect the packaging. 

cat sniffing
It smells cute…
cat post
..Cat approved! Fact: I give higher etsy rating for cute packaging with washi tape.

There is something about the sight, feel and useage of washi tape that brings out something in me. It transports me right back to school, picking which construction paper to use for your poster, what crêpe paper to crunch into balls for some art project or which treasured sticker to remove from your sticker book to put on your journal. 

washi tape
So much tape!
I love washi tape so much that I feel torn between using it and keeping it just to look at forever! (Flashback to the sticker situation at school; my hoarding tendencies developed early!)
washi tape
I may DIY some sort of tape display, because you can’t possibly hide such pretty things away in a drawer. 
cat tape dispenser
This little mouse is a vintage find.
washi tape stapler
Vintage stapler
washi tape
Mint candle holder (pair) from Lagerhaus

Washi is traditionally hand made paper, so I had to include this pink notebook that I bought it Italy a few summers ago from an old paper mill after making my own paper. It’s embossed with my first inital and is too pretty to write in. I’m going to struggle to stop hanging on etsy now in search of more gorgeous washi tape. But then again, you can never have too much cute stationery!

washi tape
Yes, that is a candy brain…sugar voodoo? Mini notepad part of set from Moleskin
washi tape
Polka dot notebook from Lagerhaus
washi tape
I love this notebook for being hardy but with a delicate print. 

Here’s a link to £5 off on etsy from your first order, everyone with an account gets this offer at the moment to spread the word so thought I would share! 

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