WARNING! Cat heavy post

One of the best things about having moved back home is being near this ball of fluff, my brothers cat Disa. 
Lazy cat
 Disa is 3 years old and likes rolling in sun spots, using human backs to reach new heights and only eating the jelly part of her cat food. 

some phone snaps

Sleeping cat Cat and Box

She loves catching the most adorable little field mice which breaks my heart every. damn. time.  It’s a good thing she’s almost as cute..
Cat and Mouse
A stiffled kitty yawn
Her eye colour changes depending on the light from intensly green to a light brown colour.

Green cat eyesCat
Winning this little lady over hasn’t been easy, but she now allows me brush her, build her pillow forts and even rub her furry belly from time to time. On her terms of course..

Cat eyes

Cat Fort
This derpy faced critter has definitely got a big place in my heart though! 
Derpy Cat
p.s. this has been an excerpt from the “Future Crazy Cat Lady Diaries”

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