Since I last wrote I have made a lot of changes in my life. I have gone from life in England working in social care, living as part of a couple in a nifty little house with a garden, owning a care and a pretty amazing hamster to moving back to Sweden and into my old room, once more a poor student and once more a party of one, but with a family cat to keep me company. I find myself more drawn to blogging as this is where it all began, in my bedroom. 

Another major change is my hair colour. I took the plunge and dyed it blonde to finally fulfill all my dreams of lovely pastel locks. I have so far only dared to dip dye, but have loved trying pink, lilac and blue (however that was a nightmare to wash out!) At the moment I have been leaving it natural looking as I get more use out of my wardrobe that way.

On to clothes, where I live there is a local car boot sale which had its yearly debut this weekend. I was shocked at how many stalls they had, and I actually caught sun stroke despite regular ice cream/drink stops! I recently installed a basket on my bicycle which turned out to be a blessing as I found lots of lovely things. 

This cotton dress was sold to me by a lady called Naimi. She told me the story of all her dresses, most of which were handmade. This dress was made in her home-ec class in 1967, and she was keen to give her sister some credit as she may have helped. Naimi was adorable and even gave me her number in case I wanted a refund. Not your average car-boot experience!

These boots were also from the car boot and I am so pleased I got them. They are barely worn and super comfortable. I took a risk as it was way too hot to try them on, but they fit like a glove and work nicely with the stripes in this dress. 

Bribery for taking part in photos
Love multi-petal tulips

Hope you are enjoying car boot season just like me!

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