Stiched up

I have developed a slight addiction to unconventional embroidery this summer. Especially lovely floral cotton dresses and vintage Mexican peasant tops, as revealed by my ebay history. I think it can all be traced back to this amazing Frankie magazine cover that my best friend got me. Even the back of the page shows the back of the embroidery, and it’s embossed so it feels real!
 I am hoping that once LeighLaLovesYou opens her etsy again I can return the favour with one of these adorable badges.  It was actually through the Frankie blog that I discovered these sewing illustration brooches. She illustrates these brooches by freehand on her sewing machine. Mad skills! 
Clockwise from the top: Tobias Fünke, Steve Zissou, Never Nude, Ron Swanson 
I had been eyeing this Warehouse top up for a while and when it went down to a reasonable price my card came out at lightning speed. I love the sophisticated print with the bright red.
Similar top in the Asos sale from Vila
We went camping over the weekend near Wookey Hole and visited a few towns in the area. My favorite was Wells, which had a really nice selection of independent cafés and several charity shops. I found this embroidered crop top in need of some repairs that had to come home with me. 

I may have forced my boyfriend to stop by Hobbycraft to pick up some embroidery floss (am I the only one that thinks that’s a gross phrase..makes me think of old ladies flossing cabbage out of their false teeth while embroidering handkerchiefs), needles and an embroidery ring. I always get delusional and believe that I will master a craft immediately and not grow weary within the first failed attempt! I was reasonable though and only got two colours. I’m hoping to attempt a single poppy then take it from there! 
I leave you with a favorite Arrested Development quote of mine “There are dozens of us. Dozens!”

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