Spring has sprung!

I’m baack! So, I’ve had a massive break from blogging, mainly due to laziness and because I have a tendency of reading other people’s blogs and become so engrossed with all their amazing creativity that I forget to use my own blog!
We’ve recently moved to a suburban area, where I have my own big garden to play around with. I have a veg patch, and some flowering beds and I love going to garden centers looking for the next addition to my garden.  In other words, I am now basically middle aged.  Cue garden photography.
 Cos lettuce starting to show in the veg patch.
 A baby blue egg. Let’s hope this one made it..
Ranunculus, a flower I’ve been itching to plant.  

 These are called Bellis, and look like little pom poms! Had to show off the electric blue nail varnish too. 
A common visitor to my garden.
 This kitty loves visiting, probably due to the abundance of birds available to munch on. Let’s just pretend it’s because it loves me so much. It never leaves the safety of the roof of the shed when I’m outside though. My neighbors probably wonder why I am always tiptoeing outside the shed to pet it.
And finally, my lunch, which the kitty would probably have loved to share with me had I not covered it in lime and lemon juice. 

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