Online dreaming…

Excuse the poor editing, but after a morning spent dreamily adding thing after thing to my Topshop online shopping basket I needed to organize my thoughts a bit. It is incredible how expensive things are, but pretending money is no object can be quite fun. I might actually get that ring…just want to size it up in real life first. 
Two words: Glitter boots. (Those Baxter model jeans look really baggy in the photo but I highly recommend them. I have a blue denim pair and they fit like a glove.)
More of a spring look, but I loved this dress. It’s not as expensive as it looks, but I need to curb the desire to buy it. I have way too many pretty pastel pink dresses and not enough places to take them to. The bone earrings seem like a pretty perfect accessory to toughen up a really girly look.
I’ve always preferred silver to gold, but I have started to appreciate really good  gold tone accessories. I have that green ring, it was only a fiver and it’s not massive like most rings these days. I couldn’t decide which of the necklaces I liked best for this collage. I reckon the ring one would be uncomfortable to wear, but having boobs would make the tube and chain one look funny. Like when you wear suspenders and they go to the side of your boobs. Ah, girl problems.

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