Spring Colours

Last month I bought an early birthday present for myself. It’s a perfect Miu Miu inspired tan leather bag that fits all the various things I like to lug around with me. I managed to lose my perfect gold clasped purse during my Birthday celebrations. Typical me to be so clumsy, but at least I rediscovered my pale blue wallet.

I am just back from a weeks trip to Sweden where I spent my actual birthday and Easter. I also spent the last few days of April trying to walk in these lilac Clarks shoes I bought last autumn. They have a slightly raised heel so are comfortable, but they still cut into my heel a bit. Ironically the anti-blister gel pads I put in the back managed to give me blisters. So now I have been using them for short trips across the road for milk, or hanging up laundry in the garden, to get my feet accustomed to them.

This picture is also one of the first I have taken with my best birthday present ever. A new DSLR, as my dad’s old one had stopped working. I spent about 20% of my trip to Sweden taking pictures closer and closer to the squirrels who come to eat old bird seed in our garden. Those pictures and many more will hopefully come as I try and get this blog going again.

bag- Topshop
wallet – Topshop
shoes – Clarks

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