Museum Madames

While in Sweden I visited Nordiska Museet, which had a show on about 300 years of fashion. The actual fashion exhibition was alright, but I felt they didn’t go into enough depth, and show enough variety for each of the decades/centuries covered. We ended up wandering around, looking at most of the other shows too.

The swan came from an exhibit on different table settings throughout different centuries. I can’t recall what year this was meant to represent, but the crystal hanging from the beak of the swan caught my eye. It’s so beautiful, it doesn’t look like food! Well, until you see the cooked torso…odd.

The text was another thing that caught my eye. It’s about wedding rings and the bit I liked reads “The ring is placed on the left ringfinger. From there, it is said, a vein leads straight to the heart.” It tickled my heartstrings anyways.

I love the vintage photography, especially the little girl putting on her sock garters. Both the cat and the little girl in two of the pictures seem to have been possessed when the pictures were taken.

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