Dreams of Free Time

These pictures of outfits by tinytoadstool from dadaya perfectly show the types of outfits I long for when I’m working. At my current job there you can’t dress too fancy as everything is always at risk of getting grabbed, ripped or spillt on. I am happy that we can wear what we want (as long as it is appropriate..) but I am just too protective over my clothes. I have lovely t-shirts and cardigans and trousers that would work fine at work, but I don’t want them to get ruined. I purposefully wear cheap and ratty clothes that I don’t care about. Unfortunatley this leaves me feeling cheap and ratty. I feel like a tramp when I wait for the bus/train. I sometimes have to sleep at work which leaves me with a huge tatty backpack and a sleeping bag, adding to the effect. On my days off I am usually too tired to make any effort, so unless I have to leave the house I will usually remain in comfortable, boring clothes.

When spring comes, I hope to find time to wear beautiful bouncy dresses, short skirts with knee socks and vintage blouses which I have a minor collection of these days. I want to use the gorgeous clothes I keep stocking up on but never have occasions to wear. Perhaps one of my New Years resolutions will be to at least once a week dress like all those gorgeous girls and bloggers that inspire me so much.

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