Obsessional Art

I stumbled across Liza Lou via a post by GodammitI’mMad on obsessional art. She spends years covering things in millions of glass beads. She even gave herself acute tendinitis whilst covereing an entire kitchen by hand over the course of 5 years. I find it fascinating that someone could spend that much time and energy on something so, dare I say, pointless?

It reminds me of art by Yayoi Kusama, the fascinating woman obsessed with spots. It’s art bordering on insanity, and in Kusama’s case is did in fact lead her to choose to live her life in a mental hospital. I personally love Kusama’s spotted art, and would love to see some of it in person.

Another interesting artist who’s art developed along with his mental health problems was Louis Wain. As his schizophrenia set in his paintings of cats grew more and more obsessional through intricate patters, but also more frightening. I really find mental illness expressed through art to be very interesting, showing the capabilities of the human mind and body. Whilst I am not aware of whether Lou has mental health problems, her art remains very overwhelming.

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