Happy Halloween!

For Halloween I was Pippi Longstocking and Gavin was a scarecrow. (Note the framed photo in the background that belongs in a spa. I’m not into the terrible decorating of this house, but am too lazy to do something about it…) The hair was a big hit with people grabbing and commenting all night. I got everything from “Wow that is some strong hairspray” to “You’ve got handlebars, VROOOM”. Someone also thought I was a natural redhead, and trust me it looked just as fake as in the picture. It only took 3 hits with the shampoo bottle to get the orange out. Overall I am super impressed with myself, as I got back from work at 9 and got ready in about 30-45 minutes. Unfortunately this meant I forgot to get a proper picture of my full outfit!

I would post pictures of all my friends awesome costumes, but feel funny about doing it without them knowing. Silly semi-secret blog. Let’s just say there was a cute Minnie Mouse, a witch or two, little red riding hood, a penguin and an body paint addict who chose to go as the Hulk (previous costumes: devil, smurf & Barney).

Check it out! Pacman about to enjoy an alcopop! I spotted him after people cleared the dance floor at late o’clock.

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