When I went to London with Gavin for our 2 year anniversary/valentine’s day combo weekend we had to go window shopping in some of the richer areas. The Mulberry window (first picture) was my absolute favorite one. I can’t remember which designer the second picture was, but I liked the paper maiche animals.

I spotted Prada at the end of the road right when we were about to turn round and forced Gavin to come with me so I could drool over the crystallized bags. I knew when I saw them that I had to try and make my own version of this. I didn’t know if I would find cheap enough crystals to do it with, but luckily Swedish hooby shop ‘Panduro’ had loads left over meant for Christmas trees!

Since I love my “steal-me” bag so much (persplex and clear plastic) and Prada had done a few clear plastic bags with the crystals I wanted something similar. I started off making a big brooch out of the crystals which I glue-gunned together. I had coincidentally just gotten one of those free make up bags, but it had the brand printed on it. That luckily came off with nail polish remover, and after that things were easy. I added the metal eyelets and got some of those jewellery stick-locks (?) to attach to an old strap I had lying around. Since it’s a brooch I can add it to a different bag when I eventually do get robbed for flashing my things around!

The last picture is a peek at my new ball dress for the summer ball. It’s by Ida Sjöstedt and it’s pretty weird but dreamy.

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