Frida’s Favorite Friday

This is my life at the moment, sitting huddled up in a jumper attempting to write a bit on the ol’ dissertation, but getting distracted by films, series, blogs etc. Anyways, I thought I would start a little segment on this blog called “Frida’s Favorite Friday”. I have alot of stuff (note picture below, the red bag is stuff I am getting rid off..I should have about 4 more of those really..). I have a really hard time seperating from my things because I treasure alot of it. So I thought I would share some of these things with you guys! This first one is something I have shown ages ago. It’s a original 1930s necklace made from some of the first plastic! The woman who sold it to me told me it was her mother’s, who had gotten it from America. Pretty cool ey?

That blue belt used to be my mother’s from when she was a kid. I paired the blue with black and brown. That reminds me, I once told my friend to wear her brown shoes with her black outfit and my other friend went “OMG, you can’t wear brown and black together!”. It made me laugh. Of course you can!

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