Sheer Sheerness

Today I decided was the perfect day to try out my new creamy pale converse and my most delicate polkadotted sheer tights. The socks came in a pack with polka dot yellow, solid light pink and these stripey grey for just £1 in the sales. My hair no longer looks this wavy and nice, it was simply the results of un-doing a bun I slept in. I love the teeny scarf I found during a car boot sale, and I am happy I finally know what to do with it! I can’t decide whether I like or hate this skirt. It’s the perfect colour, but when worn with something tucked in it looks really unflattering.

And all of this was just to avoid working on my dissertation. Shame on me!

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  1. you have such lovely style! and i'm jealous – my hair never looks that polished after a night of sleep. love your blog!

    yours, rachel rose

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