My favorite is grape soda

This was my favorite beach towel for ages, but unfortunatley it got this black stain on it which just won’t come out. So I decided to preserve the stainless parts by chopping it up and making smaller hand towels. All I had to do was fold a paper square which would cover each cap, leaving enough room for the next towel. I then outlined them and cut them out. This was followed by a quick zig-zag around the edges and a stunt in the washing machine to get rid of towel lint. Each towel has a bottle cap on it! I ended up saving quite a bit of it, and got like 10 towels out of it. The last picture was from when my friend gave me some chocolate coins and one of them was the Swedish ten crown. I got way too excited about that coinkidink! (hah just noticed you can’t spell coinkidink without the word “coin”…oh god shot me now.)

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