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The other night I procrastinated by making a star cluster hair pin. I was going to make a headband but they always give me headaches. I also love hair pins and use them most days, so I changed my mind. (I wore my new topshop playsuit with mustard tights, which worked better than it sounds)

Today is a beautiful warm, sunny and springy day but I am trapped inside working away on my dissertation. So far I have managed to screw up the analyisis so often I don’t know what’s what. Hopefully I have written it up alright, making partial sense of an incredible mess! I’ve got about 1,300 words out of 5-7,000 and it’s just the results section! To anyone not doing a science degree my dissertation is on an experiment I have been performing over the last year. It get’s written up like those reports you did in Biology class. Abstract, introduction, method, results and discussion, the most important section being the latter. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze out the goods before the 18th which is when it is due to be bound. On the 20th I will be leaving for a snowy but spring-ready Sweden. I cannot wait to get away from all this stress and to spend time with my family again.

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    You look really pretty! xx

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