One mind, an infinity of thoughts

When Gavin came back to England he made a trip to his hometown where my x-mas present from my parents was waiting. It didn’t fit in my luggage so he had to drag it all the way to England and then to Reading for me. (Sorry about that!) But, now I finally have it and with it a scanner! I was so excited to try it out, but when Gavin left for France today I was just really upset. I spent the entire morning reading my latest Frida Kahlo book; I’ve got three now as she is my favorite painter. I ended getting so inspired I had to paint literally anything! I was sketching so much that I decided to just jump right in and rather than properly plan anything it just happened, and I liked it.

It’s not as good as it could be since I was more concerned with taking my mind of things than really perfecting the sketch beforehand. I kind of like how it turned out though, it’s on a small canvas and the clouds and bits of space continue on the sides, and even on the back. I also included a doodle-painting I did a while back. The yellow on her bra isn’t really that strong, guess yellow is just one of those tricky colours. It never comes out strong enough on paper, but in the scanner it’s so bright! I still like it though, inspired by all the pastel hair editorials for spring.

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