Yesterday the wonderful Gavin swept me away to London for a small We are Scientists gig followed by a 5 star hotel in Chelsea. Needless to say it was all epic. The pillows in that bed were huge and the best I have ever slept on. There were also two tv’s, wall to wall, incase conversation dwindled. Luckily everything was amazing, despite the rain and the typical male refusal to ask for directions when trying to find the place! The gig was also incredible, Keith and Chris are really funny and kept bantering with each other. Keith was also a bit wasted and broke the drumset at the end of the last song. An awesome suprise photo will be up soon – I’m soo excited about this one but it’s on Gavin’s camera so it must wait!

Anyways, to the webcam picture featured below. Today we were meant to meet up with my best friend since she studies in London. We spent the morning wandering from Notting Hill to Knightsbridge where I got to pose outside Chanel as a big dork, and drool over the crystallized Prada bags (I need to find some big fake chandalier crystals and gluegun some old bag to a state of glory!). I can’t remember where it was exactly, but in one of the H&M’s I stopped by to see if they had any Sonia Rykiel left. That they did, but when I realized the crystal sweater was not in my size I looked down in misery. Only to spot a pait of patent leather wedges of perfection! I had to get them and literally was squatting in the shop while putting them on. That’s what happens when you buy shoes from a clothes shop, they don’t have seats for when you try them on. Either way I stood up and could look Gavin straight in the eye. Bare in mind he is about 6’4 so that was awesome. The best bit about these shoes is that I can walk in them! And they are comfortable despite being so damned high. I love them! So here they are, in all their glory.

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  1. those shoes are amaaaaaazing!

  2. I know right! I can't believe I found them, so lucky!

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