Sweet as Cherry Pie

Back in Sweden we have two big cherry trees, on with yellow cherries and one with deep red cherries. I am a natural collector, and as a kid I had everything from bottle caps to rock collections. The red cherries are the only ones that get left alone by the birds long enough for us to pick them. Picking berries is a natural step on the ladder, a more adult version of collection. And besides my mom and I love juicing, jamming (is that a word?) and making pies, but I rarely eat any of it. Truth be told I prefer the fruits and berries as they are. Cold, fresh and juicy. These are of course not from any nearby tree, but from our local Coop shop. Not as nice as when they are freshly picked, but still quite loverly.

The pin was a christmas gift which I thought was just a necklace, and I never wore it because I thought it was a bit garish. One day I picked it up and realized it was actually a pin too, and when I tried it on it didn’t look too bad. I swear I will be one of those old women who wears cat brooches on everything. I can’t help it, a brooch just makes an outfit feel more like me! The last photo shows what I have been up to lately. Eating cherries, lollipops (candy ♥), taking notes in glitter pen for a stupid essay and texting my boyfriend.

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